Plants are the future

Veganism is not only a type of diet, but also a philosophy and lifestyle. 

The reason people turn to it may be health, a strong love of animals,
or the realisation that our planet has limits.


Through veganism you can create a healthier world:

Protect yourself

Vegan diets can be loaded with healthy and nutritious foods high in plant proteins, fibre, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and high-quality fats. There are so many beneficial effects, that ever more elite sportsmen and women are turning to vegan diets. Vegans are said to have a significantly reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia and certain kinds of cancer. The potential of this diet is enormous; in the right balance, it is not only delicious and diverse, but also healthy.

Protect the planet

The human population is constantly growing, and yet we encounter very inefficient means of food production. Roughly a third of the world’s grain is eaten by animals, which are in turn eaten by humans. But there is much more. Animal food requires enormous amounts of water, which is lacking in many parts of our planet. The insatiable demand for meat has a disastrous impact on wild animals, leads to overgrazing, excessive fishing, deforestation, soil degradation, and more. Being a vegan means being a warrior against devastation of the planet.

Protect the climate

Climate studies have called for a change in food systems and radical reduction of meat consumption. Indeed, animal husbandry accounts for the largest use of farmland in the world, and plays a significant role in climate change. Even the most environmentally friendly animal food is typically responsible for more greenhouse gases than the least environmentally friendly plant protein. But it is not only a matter of emissions. Manure and other animal waste contaminate soil and water, reducing the quality of water and causing ocean dead zones. And the list could go on…

Protect animals

Cruelty and suffering are common parts of farming. Slaughtering is unnecessary and the problem persists even if you buy meat, dairy products and eggs of organic quality. Most farm animals only live in order to grow quickly and die. However, they are living creatures who think, feel, love their young and want to take care of them, but instead spend their entire existence in seclusion and in adverse and cramped conditions for doping with growth hormones. Being a vegan means stepping out of the circle of exploitation and standing up for animals.


A life founded on plants

= the simplest, most pleasant and most efficient way of looking after your health, reducing damage to the environment, and saving innocent animals.