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Nika, Jakub and a big vegan dream
We could have travelled the world. Instead, we invested our money in a dream of vegan food. It seems like only yesterday that we were waiting for the courier to deliver our first stand. There were lots of emotions and questions. “Is it the right way forward? Will we be successful? Can we do it?” – you can probably imagine what it was like stepping out of our comfort zone and the whirlwind of thoughts in our heads.


Vegan food at events and other places in the capital 
We started out in style. Our friends offered us the chance to set up a stand at the Hypno Open Air Festival, where we filled the stomachs of hundreds of people. We will never forget all the positive responses, the energy and our resulting euphoria. It motivated us. With a single stand, we began to do the rounds of music festivals, food festivals and healthy lifestyle events, and our stand could be regularly found in various parts of Prague every week. First of all on náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad (George of Poděbrady Square), where we started so-called Vegan Thursdays, then on Vítězné náměstí (Victory Square) in Dejvice, at the markets on the riverside board walks, or right in the centre, on náměstí Republiky (Republic Square).

Vegan. Grill. Love. Compassion. Health.

These are words which
have characterised  the
Vegangrill brand since 2018.

We gave ourselves a simple, yet important challenge

– to help to create a society which eats healthily, with gusto, and compassionately. It’s working.

Food truck - an unmissable vegan snack bar from Prague

We attract various types of people. The appealing aroma and appearance of our burgers does not only tempt vegans. From the very outset, we have strived to ensure that a great taste is not the only positive experience for our customers. We prepare our meals with love and devotion, but above all we are authentic, which has brought us success. Awareness of our business continued to grow, people enjoyed our food, and growth was the next natural step. Thanks to Honza, our friend and regular satisfied customer, a food truck was added to our fleet. It helped us to become more distinctive, more memorable and, most importantly, more mobile. We were suddenly able to travel the country more easily and get even closer to the people.

From a street food snack bar to VEGANGRILL products

We had always wanted to make our own products. But the snack bar kept our hands full every day, and there wasn’t much time left for new plans. 2020 was something of a divine intervention, which sped up our activities. Today our team includes an executive head chef and a food technologist. Developing products with a “meaty” structure and a great taste is real alchemy. And it worked. A collection from our supporters also helped production to get off the ground, and we are very grateful to them.

We enjoy our work, so we are already fine-tuning the composition, taste, structure and aroma of other delicacies.

So that everyone will be able to look at our product range and find
something to their liking.

The legacy of the founders

We believe that veganism is one of the easiest ways to reduce the strain on our planet. Our intention is simple and clear – we want to inspire others towards a healthier and happier way of life. A world built on plant life and protection of the environment is the first step that our brand represents.

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Follow what you love! It´s not worth it to ask about what others are searching for outside. Ask about what´s already in you.


My grandmother Jolana: A passionate herbalist and the most humble and person I know. Ever since my childhood, she has inspired me to love the soil, plants, and nature.


1. Contribute to the creation of a completely vegan world.
2. Minimalism – live a slower, humbler, simpler life, with fewer things.
3. Motivate people towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Less is more.


My daddy Libor: A fearless and strong man who instilled in me a sense of purpose and discipline, which is the foundation of every success.


1. Spread love for all living things.
2. Support the processes of sustainability on our planet.
3. Expand the offer of vegan products and meals.

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- to spread happiness from the first bite!

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