We are a “gang” with a shared vision

The future is vegan. Let’s build it together.


Work with us

There are plenty of people who care about the planet, animals and their own health. If a group of such people get together, are hard-working, honest and team-oriented, they make a pretty cool bunch.  That’s the kind of team we are building. Would you like to join us? Let us know!


Current vacancies:


Health and peacefulness are what we are all about. We are looking for influencers, YouTubers and other kinds of personalities that will advance our idea further. Whether you are an athlete, musician, artist or anybody else who has influence and agree with our vision, get in touch!


Many of the world’s problems have a similar cause – human nutrition. Join us and raise awareness of the supply and availability of vegan products. We are constantly strengthening our sales network, and we need further help.

Didn’t find a vacancy that interests you? You might still be able to help us! We are interested in long-term work relationships and tuning into the same wavelength. We will be happy to hear from you – write an email to Nika at


Think about the future

Are you an enterprising soul who likes what we do? Open your own VEGANGRILL snack bar!

VEGANGRILL is an intelligent project and now a well-known name. Whether it’s our own vegan products or the street snack bar of the same name that preceded them, our philosophy appeals to a wide range of diners, and we want vegan food to find its place in other locations as well.

Sell creative, inventive and delicious dishes!

We will provide you with a license to operate in the Czech Republic and abroad, offer advice on the location, and provide comprehensive support for the smooth operation of your snack bar.
We will pass on our brand identity, products, recipes, experience and know-how, and agree on
conditions of cooperation that will help us both to grow. 
Peacefulness in the guise of good food puts smiles on the face and attracts customers.
Open a business with a future!