Plants are the Future

We all have a choice. The planet can feed us intelligently without cruel and environmentally demanding animal farming. Today, the range of vegan foods is almost limitless. Come with us in a direction which will
make the world a happier, healthier and more colourful place:



Made with pure love

It all began with a big dream of two young and creative people, Nika and Jakub. It was a dream about their own vegan project, which would inspire people and unite them. Vegan diets have plenty of benefits – both for the planet and for us. So they dreamed up their own brand, but above all a company and a small gang with the same vision and taste for good food.
So we ventured out and founded VEGANGRILL.


It went like clockwork, even though preparations took some time. From the outset, the plan was to create our own products, but first we opened a vegan snack bar – appearing at music and food festivals, healthy lifestyle events, and regularly in Prague. At first just one stand, then later a food truck soon became one of the best-known fast-food joints in Prague.


2020 gave us time to think, put in some hard work, and move our mission up a level. Now with a much bigger team, including an executive head chef and food technologist, we have produced our first own product. Today you can buy VEGANGRILL products in a range of shops, as well as in snack bars and restaurants. This is the abridged version of course… Come with us and discover our whole story:

Vegan. Grill. Love. COmpassion. Health.

These are words which
have characterised  the
Vegangrill brand since 2018.


Savour vegan dishes

Junk food comes in many forms. The kind we serve is irresistibly delicious and made from fresh ingredients.


We are constantly expanding our network of sales partners. If our concept appeals to you and you would like to offer VEGANGRILL products to your customers, contact us.