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The important thing is not to stop questioning, Albert Einstein once said. Without curiosity, many discoveries would never have been made. VEGANGRILL is food, not rocket science, and yet it raises a range of questions. You can find the answers here.

We are a brand, or rather a community of people, who believe that there is a reasonable way to eat. Our aim is to spread the idea of veganism, and to create plant products that are balanced in terms of taste and nutrition. Livestock farming has a negative impact on the environment and on climate change, and we are glad that research focusing on Czech eating habits has also reached this point of view. We believe that our activities will contribute to an easier transition from meat products to vegetable diets, and help to resolve global problems – a positive impact on human health, climate change, exhaustion of limited natural resources, and poor living conditions for animals. The future is vegan and we are going with it!

We pride ourselves on simplicity. All of our products are made exclusively from first-class plant-based ingredients. A full list of our ingredients can be found on our website in the section Products. One thing is certain – we choose ingredients that are rich in proteins, fats and minerals, and reject synthetic ingredients and GMOs.

Our burger tastes very similar to meat. We designed it not only to have a similar taste, but also an identical structure. You can serve it like an ordinary meat patty, while also feeling good about doing something for yourself and the planet. You can read more about our burger here.

It always comes down to how much of it you eat. The secret to good health lies in balance. We make our burger from ingredients with vegetable origin which are simple and beneficial to health. You won’t find any genetically modified organisms, synthetic ingredients, antibiotics or hormones here. The balance of its composition is exemplary from a nutritional point of view, for example, containing more proteins than its real meat counterparts.

There are several ways to look at that question:  

If you look at burgers from a nutritional point of view, the VEGANGRILL burger is stable and always contains the declared nutritional values. There are a number of variables when it comes to beef – does it come from conventional breeding or is it organic? And what about the other ingredients in the burger? We can provide a simpler answer if we are more specific. If we compare our patty with pure beef, VEGANGRILL is nutritionally superior, for example, because it contains more proteins and less cholesterol. 

If we look at these two types of burgers from an environmental point of view, beef production requires extremely large quantities of land and water, and contributes to climate change (even more than the production of animal products from poultry or pigs). The production of beef does not, therefore, contribute to a healthy planet. 

You can make your mind up for yourself, but only a comparison of two specific products will give you a clear answer. You will find interesting conclusions on the website of the Czech Vegan Society – we particularly recommend their articles on nutrition.

Everybody should eat the things they like. In our case, that means juicy and delicious burgers, sausages and more. The flavour of VEGANGRILL dishes is surprising and proves that plant-based foods are not only peace-loving, but also tasty. And that’s what we want!

There’s something like alchemy involved, but it’s basically very simple – the fibrous structure of meat and layers in vegetable fats, tissue, flavours and colours are created through a process that combines heating, cooling and pressure. We then create a full taste thanks to the Maillard reaction, which is the caramelisation of basic amino acids with sugars. This reaction creates, for example, the golden-brown crust known from roasted meat.

Meat has five basic building blocks – proteins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates and water. We use the same things, but we take them from plants. Proteins extracted from plants are exposed to heating, cooling and pressure, creating a fibrous structure. The appearance, juiciness and taste of meat is created by mixing fats, minerals, vegetable dyes, natural flavours and carbohydrates. The result is an uncompromisingly good, yet still very simple plant food that does no harm to anyone.

We take them from plants, especially legumes, which have a higher or at least the same amount of protein as animal products. Our products contain, for example:

  • peas – a universal source of proteins, while also providing a wide range of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fibre, 
  • broad beans – also known as fava beans, the king of legumes and one of the most ancient plants in cultivation, containing high amounts of fibre, proteins and minerals, such as potassium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B1, C and E. 

You can find specific ingredients and information in the section Products.

Yes, our products won’t harm you. They don’t contain peanuts and other nuts, or any other ingredients on the list of allergens. 

Peas are a legume. People with a severe allergy to legumes, which may include an allergy to peanuts (which are also legumes), should be careful when consuming pea proteins.

100%! Our products are made with pure love and are produced from plants and nothing else.

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